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I am an ordinary woman. Although perhaps this is how any woman describes herself. Everyone wants to seem ordinary, but I think that every woman has her own special zest, which makes her unique. I’m sure it’s in me too. I consider myself quite an interesting and erudite woman, I lead an active and most importantly healthy lifestyle. I never stop in front of difficulties and achieve my goal.


Probably in the first for me is always family. Although can a family be a hobby? But I really enjoy spending time with my loved ones. But what else do I like? Tennis, swimming, dancing, music, surfing and skydiving.


What a purposeful woman I would not be, but in order for me to feel happy, I need love and a beloved man nearby. The ideal relationship for me is when people can be not just partners in a relationship, but also best friends. I believe that two people who have true love can replace the whole world for each other.